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With several beautiful alpine lakes to choose from, boating is an excellent activity in Waterton park. From cruises to water rafting, peddle boats to scuba diving, there is lots to choose from. Keep in mind, these are glacial lakes, so while they're great places to cool off, you likely won't do too much swimming.

Waterton's Lake Adventures

Waterton Cruises
Discover Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, the world's first International Peace Park from aboard the historic M.V. International. Cruise along the shoreline of beautiful Upper Waterton Lake and cross the International border to Goat Haunt, Montana. In addition, water shuttles cross the lake daily to Crypt Landing - the gateway to one of the Park's most breathtaking hiking trails.

Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddling
Waterton Park is an ideal spot for canoeing and kayaking, particularly on hot, calm summer days. The best paddling spot is Cameron Lake, where the wind is a lttle gentler than on the main lakes. Canoes, rowboats and paddle boats can be rented here.

More experienced paddlers can head to the south end of the lake and cross the International Boundary into Glacier National Park. A spray skirt is recommended on the main Waterton Lakes.

Wildlife Viewing
Scanning the avalanche slopes around the south end of the lake for grizzly bears is a popular activity, which is best carried out from the safety of a boat. Experienced paddlers can do this on their own. Less adventurous folks can take in the same views from the comfort of a tour boat.

Powerboating and Waterskiing
Power boats are restricted to Upper and Middle Waterton lakes. Boat launching ramps are available at the marina in the town site, and at the Linnet Lake picnic site on Middle Waterton Lake. The marina also has fuel and mooring sites available.

Waterskiing is popular on Middle Waterton Lake when conditions are calm. The water is very cold, so dry suits or full wetsuits are recommended.

Scuba Diving
Emerald Bay and Cameron Lake offer a great spot for scuba diving. With our deep, crystal clean waters and interesting historical finds, it's easy to see why scuba diving enthusiasts love this area.

Cautionary Notes

Extreme caution should be used on any of the Waterton Lakes due to frequent high winds and rough water conditions. Weather and water conditions can change quickly in Waterton's mountain valleys.

Waterton's Lakes are glacial, which means all park waters are very cold. Divers and waterskiiers are strongly recommended to wear dry suits or full wet suits.

For your safety, do not land or hike on any of our lakes' slopes. Please leave this area as a quiet haven for the bears who use it as an important feeding, resting and denning area.

Fuel or electric powered boats
These are restricted to Upper and Middle Waterton Lakes and are not allowed on Cameron Lake.

Floating Debris
Be aware that floating logs are common and can pose a serious hazard to boaters, paddlers and particularly water skiiers.


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