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Why Choose Waterton?

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Some people come here for Rocky Mountain excitement - and we have plenty of that to offer. Our landscapes provide the perfect place to hike, cycle, golf or take a unique adventure tour. Others come here to take in the ecological miracle of our park, shaped by wind, fire, flooding and glacial melting so unique as to be designated a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations.

Many of our visitors journey to Waterton from Glacier National Park in Montana, drawn by its International Peace Park distinction.  Together, these parks are a World Heritage Site and the travel experience that connects them is second-to-none.

Some make the journey here to take photographs or day hikes or to picnic by an alpine lake. They might be drawn by our fascinating history or for our wildflower festival. Others simply come to experience the peace that gently greets you as you enter the park, stand atop Cameron Falls, take in a moonlight lake cruise or do nothing but read a book by the lake.

People travel here throughout the year and from all over the world, some for a day, some for much longer. Whatever their reason or choice of adventure, there is one common experience that draws them together. It is pure and simple. It is Waterton.




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